1.   Introduction How is International Trade Law dealing with, and provides solutions to, problems faced in international trade. In this report, International Sale of Goods refers to International Trade transactions where an exporter sells its goods directly to an importer abroad under a contract of sale[1]. The report will begin by introducing some common International Trade Laws. While International Trade includes the supply of services[2], this report will focus mainly on rules, regulations and laws
Introduction “NAPF believes it is inconceivable that, in the long run, a company can enhance shareholder value unless it takes good care to retain and develop its customer relationships; unless it provides encouragement to its employees; unless it develops effective relationships with its suppliers…..; unless it pays proper attention to preserving its ‘licence to operate’ from the community” National Association of Pension Funds, Guidance on Good Corporate Governance (1996) The statement can be broken up
Introduction: Separation of Ownership and Management – the Role of Shareholders and Board’s Directors: Corporate governance holds that shareholders are company owners and the management of the company is the function of directors[1]. The separation of duties between the executives and shareholders is as a common practice regulated by articles of association, and companies partially or wholly adopt them from therein. Berle and Means[2] contributed a good thesis on the subject as early as in